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Helping Great Restaurants
leverage digital marketing.

Running a successful restaurant business is hard. Digital Restauranteur helps you to more easily execute a winning digital strategy.

Whether you are an independent restaurant or a chain of 200, located in a city, the suburbs or in a vacation destination, we're here to help. Our goal is to help you gain more customer awareness, more interest, build your restaurant's brand faster, make more money, and pay less to do it.

We'll show you how to add more loyal customers- those who come back again and again- and ultimately build a bigger, more successful brand.

Many restaurant owners are nostalgic for the way it used to be: in the "old days," you could rely on the word-of-mouth meritocracy that used to build restaurant brands. And while that's still important, the days of relying solely on that strategy are over.

In 2021, it's unfortunately no longer enough to just let great food and service speak for themselves. In order to succeed, the modern restauranteur must realize that your customers have turned their attention to their mobile devices, where they instantly have information about hundreds of restaurants, from dozens of sources, at their fingertips.

Too many restaurants owners and managers have either ignored this paradigm shift and have no proactive digital strategy at all, or continue to overpay for local press- such as newspaper ads, television, radio, direct mail, and/or coupon envelopes- of which they can't measure the effectiveness of their ad dollars. These channels are all over-priced relics of an era gone by.

Our in-depth posts are written to help restaurant owners leverage digital platforms where you can gain under-valued attention and tell your story.

Digital marketing and advertising are the answer and we'll show you how it will be your "best friend" once you learn how to use, test, measure, optimize and scale it to achieve your restaurant goals.