Quick SEO Tip For Restaurant Webpage Title Tags

The title tag is one of the most important items on on a webpage when it comes to SEO.M ost Restaurants put there name as the title of each page of their website. While this isn't wrong it's just not optimized for search...


By Changing just a few title tags you'll give your website a chance at ranking for more broad based, higher volume search terms


The title tag on most pages, for most restaurants are not optimized for search, but they easily could be, with a quick change.


This example we'll use the restaurant ZAZA Italian Gastrobar in Stamford CT. Their current title tag reads, "ZAZA Italian Gastrobar & Pizzeria - Stamford, CT." While this title is better optimized than most, it could be tweaked further and better optimized. See their current title tag below:


title tag optimization for local SEO


First step is to research and consider the search terms that most people actually type in to search engines. You want to find high volume terms that relate to your restaurant. In the case of ZAZA, they would be best served optimizing for search terms such as, "italian restaurant stamford," or "restaurant downtown stamford" since many people are searching these terms.


If ZAZA where to change their homepage title tag from, "ZAZA Italian Gastrobar & Pizzeria - Stamford, CT." to "Italian Restaurant Downtown Stamford CT - ZAZA Italian Gastrobar & Pizzeria", they would be better poised to potentially rank for more popular search terms and help more people who don't know about their restaurant, discover it.


Similarly, if ZAZA had a page about Sunday brunch, this page would benefit from a title tag such as, "Brunch Downtown Stamford - ZAZA Italian Gastrobar & Pizzeria". Repeat this for as many pages as you can where it makes sense, but start by thinking about what people are searching for, such as "happy hour stamford," or "take out in stamford," etc...


What about Restaurants with Multiple Locations?


If you have more than one location, we first suggest having a separate page on your website for each location. Then you can apply this strategy to each location page, and each of those pages will have a better chance of independently ranking for popular keywords.

Good luck making these changes, and let us know about your experience with SEO for your restaurant. Leave us a comment or send us a note below, we answer every question.