Why Every Restaurant Should be Running a Perpetual Display Banner Ad Campaign

First, it's 100% astounding that every consumer-facing small business in every town across the world, let alone restaurants, is NOT carpet-bombing the entire web in their local area with banner ads.




Given their ease of set up, the low cost, and the exposure they provide at scale, yet allowing laser-focused demographic targeting parameters, this should be the biggest no-brainer in history for local business owners.


Especially all the ones that have multi-thousand dollar budgets for billboards and frequent newspaper print ads campaigns.


The truth is almost no local businesses use display, less than 1% have even tried it once. If you open a web browser on your smartphone and go to any popular news site you will immediately see ads for large companies like Home Depot, AT&T, Samsung, and Chevrolet. At that point it's a likely, and reasonable assumption that small businesses don't have access to these same ad placements as the big spenders.


That assumption would be wrong.


The truth is, local businesses, not only have access to it, but also have an advantage over the large advertisers. We'll talk about the advantage later on in this article, for now it's important to understand that your can get great exposure for your restaurant for as little as a few dollars a day on these same great sites using display ads.


Right now, if banner ads don't seem important to you, think for a minute about how every single person now has a web-connected smartphone either in their pocket, or in their hand, and many of them check it dozens of times per day, spending multiple hours everyday paying attention to it.


That's time that they didn't spend looking at magazines, newspapers, TV, billboards and many other forms of advertising. Instead of watching local news, many people consume articles on sites like CNN, NY Times, AOL, or Huffington Post for example, and while doing so they are seeing banner ads.


The great news is that the ad platforms that allow you to put banner ads on most of these sites are now available to everyone and every business, both large and small.


Furthermore, the control you have over what demographic groups of people see your ads, what times of day they run, and the geographic areas that your ads will run in, are fantastic, which makes your ad campaigns super efficient.


Local Businesses Have the Advantage over Larger Companies

It's hard to believe but as a local restaurant you have an advantage over larger national advertisers. Here's why:


1. You can customize your ad using things that are familiar to locals, such as the town name, familiar images of the surrounding area. This will help you gain a higher click-thru-rate than your large national comp editors, who can't do the same thing for every town they advertise in.


2.You can bid all of your local (and national) placements to see where you can get the best placements for your money, and while large advertisers can do this, they can't do it the micro level that you can.


What you can advertise and test is limitless, from the type of offer, to the time of day. The more work you put into this, the better it will get. Take advantage of this opportunity while it's still under-valued and you still have an advantage. Best way to get started is though Google Adwords, since they will allow to you access ad slots on thousands of different websites all from one place, and at a lower rate than it would be to have to buy directly from each website.


Let us know how your experience with buying keywords or Google Adwords for your restaurant. Leave us a comment or send us a note below, we answer every question.